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Amine Najjar, better known by his nickname ‘’Beirut boy’’, is a Songwriter/ Topliner from & living in Beirut, Lebanon. He’s been first dubbed the nickname ‘’Beirut Boy’’ in 2017 by Darrel Brown after walking into his panel at the ASCAP Expo in LA. Amine mentioned to Darrel that he flew in on a 16 hour flight for the opportunity to showcase his music. Darrel noticed the ambition & was curious to learn more about the Beirut Boy. He requested some music to be sent to his email & was very impressed with Amines diverse ability to write songs. The following year , Amine joined the ASCAP Expo & had his song ‘’Goodnight & Goodmorning’’ selected & played infront of a well respected panel at the ASCAP Expo 2018. Though in Lebanon, Radio is everything; the only songs that make it to radio are the transcending international hits. That’s all Amine studied growing up.